Cell Phones

The cell phone usage, especially for more than 10 years, increases the brain tumor risk for 290%. The head is first affected while using the cell phone. The risk increases multiply in cases when the children use it, due to significantly higher absorption of thermal and non-thermal damaging effects of electromagnetic fields, since children have thinner bones.

BIOZEN prevents this from happening by changing the electromagnetic fields and
Make sure you have adequate GSH because:
Liver is the organ with the highest concentration of glutathione, with the most rapid turnover of glutathione, and the only organ that exports most of its glutathione into plasma and bile. Export also occurs only when extracellular redox balance needs to be maintained, or if there is an increased need for cysteine somewhere (either to make glutathione, or proteins, or amino acid taurine, or to donate sulfur). This means detoxing your body, means an Immune system Balanced and Strong!!!!

Source: http://naturalsociety.com/290-increased-risk-of-brain-tumor-10-years-cellphone-use