GSH-Immunity ®- The Choice of Professionals!

The full range of biologically active proteins in GSH-Immunity® play a major role in:

  • Repair of RNA and DNA
  • Antioxidant production (Glutathione precursors)
  • Liver function improve
  • Production of Red Blood Cells
  • Binding and safe removal of heavy metals
  • Wound healing
  • growth of new muscle
  • Support of various immune functions.


  • The milk for GSH-Immunity® is from herds that graze on disease-free, pesticide-free, chemical free, natural grass pastures. The milking cows are not subject to any chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, genetically modified organisms, hyper immunization or injected pathogens.
  • They do not ingest any unnatural man-made substances.
  • There is no history of bovine disease with the milk cows or dairy.
  • The cows have never been fed any imported food or cannibalistic by-products.

Natural Guide To A Healthy Immune System Support


How does GSH-Immunity® compare to other whey proteins?

  • GSH-Immunity® are the only native whey proteins available.
  • They are 100% biologically active and contain the full range of the fragile immune modulating and regenerative protein components. They are naturally present in raw milk from year-round natural pasture grass-fed cows. They are the result of years of work to perfect a system that produces only the highest quality native whey protein.
  • GSH-IMMUNITY Native Whey Proteins are produced by a unique pasteurization method which does not use high heat and utilizes a proprietary filtration and drying method. It involves the minimum amount of processing. The result is a microbial safe product that exceeds all standards. They are not by-products of cheese manufacture. We do not use cross-flow filtration, microfiltration, hydrolyzation or ion exchange because these methods denature the original protein components.
  • This superior product contains the highest amounts of the glutathione precursor covalent bonded cysteine.
  • Additionally, they contain the full range and highest levels of the most important protein components such as

    Serum Albumin,
    Active Peptides and
    Growth Factors.

  • In contrast, even the most expensive whey products available (they can be concentrates, isolates, ion exchange and hydrolyzed) are commercial denatured by-products of cheese manufacture. The vast majority is from grain-fed cows and even ones that claim to be grass-fed are still fed grain or hay in the colder months. Organic is not a helpful standard to look for as most all the organic milk is from grain fed cows.
  • All commercial production of dairy products has definite limitations in preserving the biological activity of the whey proteins. The vital immune and regenerative components are destroyed from the commercial processing they all undergo.
  • The milk and whey go through a high heat pasteurization process twice (approx. 163° F), chemical modification and pH regulation produce cheese and whey. Each of these steps damages/ denatures the whey proteins.
  • The damaged proteins are then filtered out and what remains is a narrow range of “undenatured” proteins that have survived the cheese and whey manufacturing process. Additionally the vital protein-bound fats have been removed. From this point, there is little heat added and some of these whey protein products are then referred to as an undenatured/ cold process. It is not possible to undenature or restore the full biological activity of a protein if it has been damaged.
  • When considering a whey product it is best to ask, in writing, and request a written response from the distributor/ manufacturer, if there is any cheese production involved with the separation of the whey? GSH-Immunity are the only Full Range Biologically Active Native Whey Proteins. They are far more potent than any whey products available.

Cysteine vs. Cystine Cysteine

  • The Importance of Cysteine vs. Cystine Cysteine (covalent bonded cysteine) is naturally occurring and there are exceptional levels of it contained in GSH-Immunity. It is the optimal component for the intracellular production of glutathione (GSH).
  • Cysteine is very scarce in our modern diet and therefore glutathione production is limited and deficiency is prevalent. If cysteine undergoes any standard pasteurization heating or processing, as all conventional dairy and dairy by-products do, it is denatured and converted to cysteine. Cysteine is the form that is found in all of the commercial and claimed high-end whey proteins, as they are all by-products.
  • GSH-Immunity are unique as they are the only native whey products and contain naturally occurring cysteine (covalent bonded). Bonded cysteine, very different than covalent bonded, has become a marketing term and it is misleading. Two cysteine molecules bonded together form cysteine. It is created by denaturation (damage) to the milk and whey from induced heat and/ or pH stressors from the manufacture of cheese. This unbreakable bond forms a cysteine molecule that is difficult for the body to utilize as a precursor for intracellular glutathione production.

PRIMARY Whey Protein:

  • The journal Immunology reports:
    The bio-activity occurs through the ability of the protein concentrate to help replenish Glutathione levels via continuous dietary provision of Glutathione precursors, especially cysteine, during lymphocyte proliferation, thus supporting an optimal immune response. This process seems to not only increase intracellular levels of Glutathione and precursors at the time of ingestion, but also builds up stores of these substances within the cells, which lasts for a substantial post-ingestion time interval.” Fidelus RK, Tsan MF. GSH and lymphocyte activation: a function of aging and autoimmune disease. Immunology 61: 503-508, 1987.
  • Native:

    Of or relating to the naturally occurring conformation of a macromolecule, such as a protein. Constituting the original substance or source,

    Found in nature, especially in an unadulterated form.

  • Native Protein:
    The concept of a protein in its natural state, in the cell, unaltered by heat, chemicals, enzyme action, or the exigencies (distress) of extraction.
  • Denature:
    To cause the tertiary structure of (a protein) to unfold, as with heat, alkali, or acid, so that some of its original properties, especially its biological activity, are diminished or eliminated.
  • Based on analysis
    It determined by an independent laboratory using the SDS PAGE Gel method. This is the industry accepted method to determine the actual biological activity of a milk protein.


That is a superior product containing exceptional amounts of the following important whey proteins including the vital protein bound fats that whey protein isolates remove.

  • Lactoferrin – 170 milligrams* per 5 grams.
    An iron-binding, iron-modulating protein that enhances iron absorption when needed, also ANTI-VIRAL, ANTI-BACTERIAL and ANTI-INFLAMMATORY properties.
  • Immunoglobulins – 645 milligrams* per 5 grams. ALSO Contains numerous immune system benefits:
  • Bovine Serum Albumin Along with Lactoferrin and Immunoglobulins CONTAINS GENEROUS AMOUNTS OF CYSTEINE and GLUTAMINE, precursors in GLUTATHIONE (GSH) production.
  • Active Peptides Specialized paired amino acids exhibit a beneficial information transfer factor effect on the immune system as well as boosting intracellular GLUTATHIONE.
  • Growth Factors Growth promoting protein fractions are contained within the protein bound fats.

Their functions are to:

  • Regenerate all aged or injured cells in the body.
  • Build and retain muscle.
  • Burn fat for fuel.
  • Repair DNA and RNA.
  • Fight infections.
  • Help regulate blood sugar and brain chemicals.

GSH IMMUNITY whey protein concentrate contains the highest levels of the most beneficial protein fractions and is more potent by farther than any other whey product available.