My family and I have been taking GSH for quite some time. My husband and I have found it to strengthen our immunity especially in the winter months as we hardly ever get sick and if we do it doesn't last long. I also personally believe it to give me energy and if I find myself dragging I take another dose. I work long hours and lots of stress so it counteracts the effects of that as I try to lead as healthy of a lifestyle as possible. I also give it to my dogs and they are extremely healthy as well. A few of my dogs are getting up there in years so I feel this helps them in dealing with the effects of aging as well. I hardly ever have any issues with them and therefor do not need to bring them to the vet often for any issues. I have been taking the glutathione for many years now and am so happy to have discovered Peggy and this wonderful product!! Peggy as well is extremely knowledgeable with the product and very helpful as there has been many occasions I have called on her for advice!!   Kim