I wanted to share a testimony with you! Yesterday I ate spaghetti sauce and I forgot that I can't have tomatoes because it causes damage to my intestine and creates a flare-up that is very painful. I added an entire extra scoop to my gsh regimen and I doubled my collagen. I went to bed and extreme pain but when I woke up, no diarrhea, no gas, no pain what-so-ever! This is a major major breakthrough for me. I don't yet know my diagnosis on whether it's sibo, colitis, leaky gut or just bacterial overgrowth in the digestive tract, but whatever it is gsh makes a humongous difference!!   Akso

My daughter went to the doctor today, she knows about the heloLX and likes the device. The Doctor asked Jodi to show her the readout of her vital signs from the past week, she told Jodi she wished everyone had one of these because she knows it is far more accurate than a one time thing at the doctors office. Talk about a THUMBS UP!!!!!!    Admin

I hope people read this and realize just HOW important some things are to alert you for your health. Health is everything, without it we have so many troubles, added stress, so to stay ON TOP OF IT ALL is SO important and this came to light for me this morning.

A person I know has a helolx which is a wearable health device. It is something that you can program to keep track and RECORD your vital signs, your B/P, pulse, breaths, stress level, sleep patterns. This might seem to be an oh well thing, it is NOT. The ability of this device to record this gives the medical professionals an aid to seeing what has been happening in your body over a specific time frame.

I have to digress, when someone is put on medication, no matter what meds, you are told by the pharmacist the side effects, also get a print out, that is great, the side effects are written up for the majority of people, on a regular dose of the med, this is what the doc goes by, I guess rightfully so. So NOONE really has the knowledge of what happens to a sensitive person, who has silent reactions to the drug, or if a person is put on a large amt of the drug and has a silent reaction????? Unless you have the knowledge of what is happening to your vitals it IS silent, until the stress becomes too much in the body and things can happen. The history of the vitals over a period of time sleeping and awake, at rest or work is extremely important for the medical professionals to take a good look at what might be happening.

In this case this person has been watching over the last couple of wks and being ALERTED IN THE NIGHT that the bp was too low for the norm range. And now the bp is now really low even in the daytime when at work and in big time stress. This person is on a large amt of a drug, there is NO indication of anything being untoward in their body other than being very tried. SO if there was no device, there would be NO sign of low bp and would not be seeing doc to see what is happening.

This is a wake up call big time. I had thought this was an extra expense we could ill afford, until today. Being aware of your vitals IS important, anyone on meds, you go to doc, they take your bp, your pulse and it is a one time thing, might be good or it might be up or down, what has the trend been for an hourly history to really show what is up in the body? You say I can take my bp in the store or at home with my own cuff, yes you can and you can record it, not like this because this is something that is programed and will alert if things are not norm, 24 hrs a day rest, work, play, sleep.

This device sends out an alert if the parameters are out of range for the specific person that is wearing it, THIS is important. To be woken up or alerted any time of a vital that is not normal for you IS important. Perhaps life saving at times.

I hope people read this and truly understand what technology is giving for the ability to stay on top of it for your health. No amount of money is worth more than piece of mind. WE LOVE our helolx's BIG Time!!!!

Yes I do sell them, this post is not a marketing ploy, it is the honest wake up moment of just what we have the ability to help ourselves with. IF you wish more information please do contact me. Just take time to think about it. Do have a wonderful evening.  Admin

My family and I have been taking GSH for quite some time. My husband and I have found it to strengthen our immunity especially in the winter months as we hardly ever get sick and if we do it doesn't last long. I also personally believe it to give me energy and if I find myself dragging I take another dose. I work long hours and lots of stress so it counteracts the effects of that as I try to lead as healthy of a lifestyle as possible. I also give it to my dogs and they are extremely healthy as well. A few of my dogs are getting up there in years so I feel this helps them in dealing with the effects of aging as well. I hardly ever have any issues with them and therefor do not need to bring them to the vet often for any issues. I have been taking the glutathione for many years now and am so happy to have discovered Peggy and this wonderful product!! Peggy as well is extremely knowledgeable with the product and very helpful as there has been many occasions I have called on her for advice!!   Kim